ShipSure Silver awareness training – background information and preparation documents

  • You have been selected to undertake the ShipSure Silver awareness training on a specific date and time, as detailed in your joining email.  
  • This training takes you on a guided tour of the ShipSure system that you will be using when onboard and allows you to practice on a version that is entirely yours.  


Please download the 2 documents below:

Document 1 must be read before you start your course, document 2 can be read at your leisure.


  1. Exercise 1.0 Log In.  This document describes your preparations before conducting this training. It should be read at least 30 minutes before your training is due to start.

  2. ShipSure Training Guide and FAQs.  This document is a basic “how-to guide” for your reference covering all the key parts of the system.  


At the stated time and date of your training, please follow the instructions within the email after reading Document 

  • The rdp file within the email is a link to computer that is specific to you.  
  • It will start itself up and be available to you approximately 30 minutes before your training session start time.

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