What are precautionary steps for vessels calling areas with high risk of infection?

Company has carried out a detailed risk assessment and taken following precautionary  steps to safeguard our crew onboard -

1. Screening of visitors at gangway 

2. Visitors are only allowed if really necessary. Visitors are contained in a specific area only and not allowed to access other areas. 

3. Ships are provided with protective equipment including masks, sanitizers, infrared thermometers etc.  

4. Masters are advised to establish with agents prior to arrival if there is any presence of the virus in the destination port and if so, take appropriate precautions.

5. All ships are advised to create ship specific isolation plans in case of any eventuality.

6. As part of our commitment to protecting our colleagues, we have contracted Future Care, a physician advisory service (PAS), to provide our vessels with remote medical advice in the event anyone on board shows symptoms of Covid-19. 

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