What browsers are supported?

Question: What browsers are supported?


The following browsers are supported: 
Internet Explorer 11 and higher
Microsoft Edge 42 and higher
Mozilla Firefox 44 and higher
Google Chrome 45 and higher
Seagull Web Browser 4.1.39 and higher.
This application is designed for minimum 1280 x 900 pixels for optimal performance.

Not supported 

Browser not on the list - do not use mobile browser on phone, tablet or similar device

Tablet or mobile 

You must install an application. Please do not use mobile browser (also do not use desktop mode on mobile or tablet)

App for iOS & Android (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG,…)

Please download here

Direct links for SF (you can email/post to them)

iPhone & similar


For China users

To download the Seagull Training App in China here

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