*** READ THIS FIRST: Cargo & Offshore Seafarer Instructions ***

Looking for < Practical Bridge Simulator Exercise ? >

Login to our LMS Search for 

No. 1852.39-[V.Group] Practical Bridge Simulator Exercise 

Complete the exercise. Do not forget to complete 0172- International Collision Regulations.


Never logged in?

Dear Seafarer,

Since Nov 20 2020 we have a new LMS for Cargo and Offshore Seafarers from Ocean Technologies. 

This new LMS has a different login screen and login process from the old system. It also works a bit different to the old system. Please read through this and bookmark the page. We are updating it regularly. Last time done was on Feb 01, 2021. 


Content & Compliance 

The LMS provides you with different eLearning & video content for your safety on board and development:

  1. Compliance related content: according to the matrix we have setup in our HR System called ShipSure
    (can be based on special requirements, e.g. from one owner). ShipSure defines what you must do, the LMS provides the content.
  2. Content provided in addition to standard compliance (e.g. the owner provides special content)

Please make sure you understand what courses you must complete before going on-board. 

You will see some of the courses as completed in the LMS, please check the expiration day on those to make sure it is valid longer than your assignment on board. You then need to do those again.

First time login?

The URL/link to login is detailed below, please read the following instructions on how to log in.

Note for our officers who need to complete the Navigation Simulator Exercises: You will not find them on new LMS. Please consult with the Crewing department on how to find & complete.

What to do Next  - Your login ID remains the same (your PCN number) as before, but your old password will not work.

How to access the new LMS for the first time

Steps on First Login - Password Change

  1. Load the Following the Link Ocean LMS
  2. Enter your PCN number
  3. Password -  your First-time login password is your date of birth entered in the format  (DD.MM.YYYY),  e.g. you are born 30-DEC-2000 please use 30.12.2000
  4. You will be prompted to enter a new password once logged in successfully
  5. Enter the new password and click save
  6. Process Complete - you should now be able to do all eLearning
  7. Avoid to copy & paste password when you login
  8. If asked for company name, it is V.Group

The above points are summarised in the short Video linked here

How to find eLearning

You may have received an email which tells you all eLearning you have to complete.

Go to Requirements and understand the different options:

1) Not approved & Critical for rank = YES

These are courses you have to complete based on your rank in the LMS (and in our ShipSure system).
In some cases like US HAZMAT Awareness it can be vessel dependent. Do not worry, check with Crewing on the requirements. 

2) Approved

All records from previous completions or import including training that will expire!

Important here: If you go to a vessel and an eLearning is going to expire it shows here in the LMS
(100 days before expiration) and you have to complete the eLearning expiring again

Our Crewing department will tell you in advance all courses expiring during your assignment, this is independent from the 100 days the LMS shows it in advance.

Do not get confused when they show completed: it means you did complete in the past and you may have to do again before expiration & assignment on board. Example: 

Go the the course and complete it again by clicking on details. 


Q. Why does the Rank in my LMS account not appear correctly?

Your rank will reflect your learning rank profile which is not always the same as your actual rank. The Rank in Ocean LMS is Used to assign courses based on a learning group. 

Q. Why does is my course not marked a Completed

When you have completed a course please ensure you click on the Box "Register As Final"

Q. I am asked for a company at login or when resetting my password, what shall I use?


Q. How do I know what training I need to complete?

Go to advanced view -> Requirements -> Critical for Rank “Yes”.

Q: Can I reset my password when my email address is not (correct) in ShipSure?

No, you cannot reset your password. An administrator needs to help you. Please contact 

You can also get help from your Crewing contact point and the Training Team. Please make sure a correct email is in the profile. 

Q: How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password on the Ocean Login page. If this process fails and the self-reset is not possible,  please email

Q. My old password does not work, what happened?

For new LMS, please login with your PCN as username and your start password is your date of birth in the format DD.MM.YYY ( so if you are born 31-DEC-2000 you use 31.12.2000)

Q. What is the direct link to login and what link should I bookmark?

Click on the link below to access the site directly

Q. Can I print out certificates for eLearning I completed in the past? 

No, you can only print completions for training in the new system. 

It is not a requirement for V.Ships Crewing to store a paper copy, the digital record from Ocean supports our compliance process.
Q. What browsers are supported?

  • The following browsers are supported: ✅
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 42 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 44 and higher
  • Google Chrome 45 and higher
  • Seagull Web Browser 4.1.39 and higher.

Not supported 

Do not use a mobile browser on a phone, tablet or similar device, See article on Mobile App install.

This application is designed for minimum 1280 x 900 pixels for optimal performance.

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