What is V.Group doing to ensure seafarers prioritisation?

V.Group has signed the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change. In this declaration, stakeholders from across all the maritime value chain recognize our shared responsibility to ensure that the current crew change crisis is resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, we commit to take action to resolve the crew change crisis, based on our position and role in the value chain, thereby ensuring the rights and wellbeing of the seafarers supporting global supply chains. 

We will be fighting for the following actions to be implemented: 

▪ Recognize seafarers as key workers and give them priority access to Covid-19 vaccines. 

▪ Establish and implement gold standard health protocols based on existing best practice. 

▪ Increase collaboration between ship operators and charterers to facilitate crew changes. 

▪ Ensure air connectivity between key maritime hubs for seafarers

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