Safety Notice to Seafarers - Joining by Launch

Should it be necessary that you have to join your vessel by launch, please note that you should wear appropriate attire for transfer from the launch to the vessel. This must include: 

  • Non Slip Boots (To avoid slipping on wet pilot ladder steps or gangway platforms)
  • Non Slip Gloves (To avoid hands slipping on wet/icy hand rails)
  • A Floatation device. 

In these times of COVID-19, it is now normal (and frequently required) to wear a face mask. However, at the point of transfer, remove your mask as it may hinder your visual ability and in the unlikely event of falling in the water, your ability to breath.  

The Master of the vessel has been instructed to ensure your safety for this transfer and may refuse to proceed with the transfer if it is deemed too hazardous. Remember, you also have the authority to STOP THE JOB should you feel that the transfer is not safe.  

Andy Cook

Global Crew Operations Director

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