Crew Safety Observation - Quick Guide

Crew Safety Observation was developed to improve the way we capture and monitor potential hazards.

The app is available to download from Apple Store and Google Play please use the QR provided.

  1. Open the app with your usual login details for the V.Ships Connect App
  2. Start using the app by selecting the appropriate type of safety observation you want to make. This could include reporting Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions or Positive Observations. The data will load allowing you to view previous submissions or select a new submission using the tick box.
  3. Follow the prompts or fill out the necessary fields to provide details about the observation. This may include location, date, time, tick if the Work was Stopped and select one of the 12 new categories. 
  4. Describe your observation and the actions taken to rectify it and whether you need further help from the senior management on board or the management office. 
  5. You can add other supporting evidence such as photos. Save & complete your submission. 
  6. Note that you can submit observations anonymous if you wish so.

Why Reporting Safety Observations? 

  • Preventing incidents: Reporting safety observations can help identify potential hazards and prevent incidents from occurring.
  • Protecting employees: Reporting safety observations can help protect employees from harm and ensure that they are working in a safe environment within the V.
  • Improving safety culture: Reporting safety observations can help create a culture where employees feel comfortable reporting safety concerns and taking action to prevent incidents.
  • Continuous improvement: Reporting safety observations can help identify areas for improvement and lead to the implementation of new safety measures.
  • Compliance: Reporting safety observations is often required by law or company policy to help us keep up with industry standards.

Download the V.Ships Connect seafarer mobile app to access Crew Safety Observation.

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