How do companion cards work?

ShipMoney companion cards, allowing seafarers to give prepaid Visa cards to family members or partners, with 7 free monthly card-to-card transactions.


Companion Cards for Seafarers

  1. Can be used to store funds safely
  2. Ease of transfer

Companion Cards for Beneficiaries

  1. Receive money in real-time or schedule in advance.
  2. Cards are not linked to main card.
  3. Accessibility of funds globally


  • Companion Cards have two types: physical for in-person use and virtual for online shopping and secure storage, obtained through the ShipMoney App or kiosks.
  • Each Companion Card can hold up to $25,000 USD.  (Please ask your mobilization team if these limits need to be extended due to political issues in your home country).
  • ShipMoney cards are covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), with a combined storage limit of $100,000 USD across multiple cards.
  • Companion Cards are not linked to the Main Card, ensuring separate and secure access to funds.


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