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Vaccination certificate upload guide for Seafarer

How to upload your Completed COVID-19 vaccination certificate via V.Crew Connect

1) If you have not used the V.Crew connect app = Download“V.Crew connect” from your app provider.

Or use web only version https://connect.vcrew.com/

2) For 24/7 support on registering an account, then go to:


Remember You can also chat and get additional help from the V.Crew Support team by clicking on

the chat icon in the lower right corner.


Only upload your COVID certificate when you have completed your vaccinations, i.e. 2

Dose complete or Single dose for Jansen vaccine.

The document relating to the 2nd / Completing Dose is required. Do not upload the

document for the 1st Dose, this is not required

When you have logged into the “V.Crew connect” app please follow the below steps:

1. Click on the Upload icon at the bottom of the screen

2. Type in “Covid” word in the document search field and select “Vaccine-COVID-19” document

3. Only enter values into the following cells:

  3.1. COUNTRY

  3.2. Issue date – this should be marked as the date of your 2nd Dose injection

  3.3. Issue Place

4. Click on OK when the Upload Guidance screen appears

5. Click on the Take photo button (optionally you can upload a file from your phone memory)

6. Once a photo is taken, click on Done or choose “Add more Pages” in case the vaccine

document has more than one page e.g. each dose is on a separate page

7. Click on Submit button

8. Upload complete message will appear. Click on OK to return to the application home page.

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