To All V.Ships Seafarers and their Families - 20th March 2020

Earlier this week I wrote to you regarding the Coronavirus global pandemic and provided an initial update as to the precautions V.Group are taking to protect your health and wellbeing.

The last few days have seen increasing travel restrictions on a global basis, as countries implement their plans to slow the transmission of the virus.

For the short term, we still consider that the safest option right now is for you to either stay on board or to stay at home on leave.

However, we are certain that this situation cannot remain like this for too long.

Shipping is the lifeblood of the world’s trade and plays a critical part in the global economy by supplying food, medicines and other essential goods to the world’s population. In this respect, all seafarers have a critical role to play and it would be beneficial if the industry could work with global agencies to develop a solution that would allow seafarers to travel safely and keep 90% of the world’s transport moving.

At V.Group, we are working with the key industry associations in order to influence the United Nations agencies to work towards implementing measures to keep the world’s merchant fleet operational.

See attached at the bottom of this post, a copy of a joint International Transport Federation and International Chamber of Shipping letter. 

These two associations represent both you, our seafarers, as well as ship owners and we are working together to ensure the key United Nations agencies, recognise the importance of our seafarers and are supportive of prioritising your safe travel.

You can be assured that we will continue to work on this as a top priority and will keep you fully advised of progress. If any of you or your families have any questions or concerns, please contact your V.Ships office or contact the V.Ships Crew Support Centre.

In the meantime, we ask for your continued patience and most of all, we all hope that you and your families are staying safe.

Many thanks to all of you.

Allan Falkenberg

Group Managing Director

Crew Management - V.Group

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