To All V.Ships Seafarers and their Families - 20th April 2021

Dear Colleagues,

V.Group supports the vaccination programs being rolled out by nations across the globe and believes that vaccinations are an important factor towards restoring a level of normality post COVID-19.  

We are working with Industry Associations to ensure Seafarers are recognised by UN bodies as ‘key workers’ and, as such, countries should vaccinate seafarers at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Whilst vaccination is not a mandatory V.Group requirement, we recommend that you should follow your respective government’s guidance on vaccines and get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as the vaccine is available in your home country. Nevertheless, it remains your personal choice. 

Where vaccinations are administered over two doses, it is important to ensure you receive the second part before joining a vessel as you may not be able to obtain this once you are back at sea.

When you get vaccinated, please share your vaccination information with your local V.Ships/BGI Crewing office. This information is important for us as it is expected that countries around the world will make travel easier for vaccinated individuals eventually. 

Please share following information with us:

  1. Name of the vaccine
  2. Organisation providing the vaccine (government, private company…)
  3. Batch number
  4. Date of first dose
  5. Date of second dose (if needed)
  6.  Date of third dose (if needed)
  7. Scanned copy of the vaccination certificate

The number of Covid-19 cases is increasing in many countries and the risk of infection is far higher. In order to protect yourselves and your colleagues, we would like to remind you that all Covid-19 protocols need to be strictly followed at all times and even after taking the vaccine. This mean that public health measures, such as safe distancing, mask wearing, use of safe transport and good hand hygiene, are mandatory.

V.Group will be following the global situation closely and any new developments impacting on the vaccination of all our colleagues.  

Please take care. Your health and safety are our priority. We hope that you and your families stay safe and well.

Best regards,

Allan Falkenberg

Chief Executive Officer
Crew Management, V.Group

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