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To All V.Ships Seafarers and their Families - 14th June 2021

We all hope that you remain safe and well!

As Covid-19 continues to have a large impact on our ship management & crew management operations, it is timely that we write to you again.

In 2020, we implemented additional protocols and processes to protect you and your colleagues from the virus. When we now consider the progress of the pandemic globally, it is clear that we have to keep these controls in place. We fully understand that these measures have an impact on your daily lives and we therefore review them on a continuous basis to ensure that they are essential.

The pandemic is presently having a big impact in some countries such as India and Philippines and for some of you, that is restricting the possibility joining a vessel. For all of you, there are travel restrictions which makes it very difficult to join or leave a vessel. You can be assured that our teams continue to explore every opportunity to arrange seafarer travel, bearing in mind that our highest priority is your safety and wellbeing.

In many countries there are Covid-19 vaccination programs run by the individual national health authorities. We recommend following your governments’ guidance and we support the vaccination programs established by them. However, having a Covid-19 vaccination is not a condition of employment.

If you do receive a Covid-19 vaccination, we ask that you provide the vaccination date and vaccination data to your local V. Ships crewing team.

We would also like to stress the importance of strictly following your national & regional Covid-19 protocols and all seafarers planned to join vessels should be both familiar with and follow the V.Ships Covid-19 protocols.

Finally, if you or your families have any questions or require any support, please contact your V.Ships crewing team or the V.Ships Crew Support Centre. If you would like to talk confidentially to a trained adviser about your mental wellbeing, this free service is available to all V.Ships seafarers through ComPsych. Their contact details are available onboard all vessels or from the Crew Support Centre and are copied below.

Many thanks to all of you and stay safe!

Allan Falkenberg

CEO, Crew Management - V.Group


Call: +91.9818711035 (India)

+63.2839953309 (Philippines)

+1.312.5950074 (U.S.)

+86.4001.200746 (China)

800.0320510 (UAE)

Online: guidanceresources.com

App: GuidanceNowSM

Web ID: VCare

V.Ships Crew Support Centre Contact Details

Call us at Brazil +552128462801

India +912268277002

Latvia +37167609385

Philippines +63288589901

Poland +48583251100

Russia +74951335602

Ukraine +380487065730

UK +442031600454

Email us at shelp@vships.com

Visit our support portal at support.vcrew.com

Send us a WhatsApp message to +639175151234

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