To All V.Ships Seafarers and their Families -25th March 2020

Since I wrote to you last week, the global COVID-19 pandemic has worsened and this has resulted in worldwide travel becoming more restricted.

Your safety and wellbeing remain our number one priority, so we have therefore decided to continue suspending crew changes with the exception of emergency and critical cases. We will continue to review this policy on a regular basis.

Whether you are at sea and have completed your contract, or are at home waiting for your next assignment, we understand that you will be frustrated and concerned.

We continue to work with industry-leading associations to highlight the need to prioritise seafarer global travel. While other industries are slowing down, the merchant shipping industry keeps the global supply-chain moving and is now more than ever, being fully recognised.

I would also like to address your mental health & wellbeing at this challenging time. We fully understand that this is important and we encourage all onboard seafarers to talk to each other onboard, share your experiences and stay in contact with your families at home.

In addition, I would like to remind you all to take all onboard COVID-19 precautions to keep you safe.

Lastly, at V.Group we would thank you for your continued professionalism and patience during this demanding period. We all hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy.

Many thanks to all of you.

Allan Falkenberg

Group Managing Director

Crew Management - V.Group

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